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What Are False Eyelashes Made Of?


As women increasingly invest in fake eyelashes as a way to enhance their beauty for their own pleasure, wearing eyelashes have become a massive trend for women all across the globe. It makes a woman feel empowered in such a way that her confidence cannot be undermined, no matter if you're a novice or a seasoned member of the eyelash community. But the real question is, what exactly are eyelashes really made out of? 

Since the use of false eyelashes have become a basic necessity in our lives, it's important for us as eyelash extension specialists to inform you of the differences between specific false eyelashes as well as what they're made from. In this article, we will go through the few main types of lashes along with the many benefits that come with these beautiful lashes, allowing you to find a suitable lash style.

What Are The Five Main Types Of Eyelashes? 

Within the eyelash industry, there’s an abundance of different types of fake lashes most suitable to match your beautiful look. It all depends on which you believe to be the most beneficial for you. With that being said, the five main types of lashes are: 

  • Real Mink Strip Lashes,
  • Faux Mink Lashes, 
  • Human Hair Lashes, 
  • Synthetic Lashes, & 
  • Silk Lashes.



As the name implies, Mink Strip Lashes (also known as falsies or stick-on lashes) are false lashes attached to a crescent band which can be placed directly on your natural lash lids and removed at any time. As these types of lashes offer a natural look that matches a variety of outfits, they've gained huge popularity among the eyelash community.

Strip lashes tend to be produced from the finest, natural real mink fur - however, our products here at JCandy are guaranteed to be vegan and cruelty-free as the hair on our mink strip lashes is collected from a mink once the hair has been brushed off the tail.

For high-quality strip lashes, most women tend to go for those which are carefully handmade with precision. As eyelash technicians, we highly recommend investing in strip lashes which offer an ultra-lightweight, transparent lash band. Not only do they provide comfort, but they’re also much lighter than many other fake eyelashes, making them the perfect solution for new beginners entering the eyelash world. 

Additionally, they’re so easy to apply and remove that there’s no need for you to visit the salon as you can apply, remove and reapply them at home as they can be worn up to 60 times - a hassle-free, sustainable choice for newbies! 



These glamorous-looking types of fake eyelashes have also become a great sensation within the eyelash industry. To simplify, Faux Mink Lashes are a form of synthetic eyelashes, produced from the greatest quality of plastic or natural plant fibres - a more vegan-friendly choice for those who wish to go for a more fabulous eyelash look. 

This type of mink false lashes is a more affordable option, perfectly made to mimic the realness and quality of real mink lashes. Many choose these lashes when they want a dramatic lash look because the shorter tapering effect gives them a thicker appearance. 

Faux mink lashes are also easy to apply and remove and can be worn between 5-10 times with appropriate care.  


In comparison to synthetic lashes, Human Hair False Eyelashes have a clear band and are much more comfortable. Additionally, they are a little thinner than mink lashes. They are known to be of low cost and wide availability, making them an attractive alternative to synthetic lashes. 

False eyelashes made of human hair typically have a more natural look since they are made using real hair. As an added bonus, these cruelty-free, vegan eyelashes are also all ethically sourced. Due to their delicate nature, these forms of lashes can only be worn around 3-4 times before they need to be replaced. 


Similarly to faux lashes, Synthetic Lashes are manmade, made from a polished acrylic fibre called PBT - the strongest of all manmade fibres. In appearance, they are a little shinier than the mink lashes and when applied quite densely, often appear more dramatic for an enhanced look. The reason these lashes have gained popularity within the last few decades is due to their many benefits. Their beautiful, glossy sheen makes up for their durability by giving you a look that is more detailed, appealing, and flashy.


In addition to being lightweight and natural-looking, Silk Lashes are also similar in quality to mink hairs. Their feather-light appearance and feel provide the ultimate comfort, while their soft, shiny texture provides an eye-catching enhancement. 

Despite their lightweight nature, these lashes hold their curl easily.  In some cases, they can be just as dense/thick as synthetic lashes, but they can provide a much more glamorous look. Often, they are more suitable for weak or fine lashes because they are lighter and less bulky. Since extensions are attached to the individual lashes themselves, they last as long as the natural lash growth cycle, which is about six weeks.


Now that you’re aware of the many differences and benefits of the most trending lashes on the market, you’re ready to start venturing out into the real world and discover which type of false eyelashes are most suitable for you. We understand that each and every individual is different, so be sure to recognise which style of lash extensions suits you best, as what works best for others may not be the best solution for you. 

The fine points in this article will assist you in finding the perfect lash style, regardless of whether you choose to boost your confidence with our faux lashes or go for the more natural lashes. We hope you find this article useful in finding the perfect lash style, and just know that with or without false eyelashes, you’re beautiful either way!